good news; missing person

Joseph S. D. Yao seismo!hadron!jsdy
Mon Apr 13 19:31:20 UTC 1987

>		   ... there's "always" (supposed to be) a TZ environment
> variable in System V systems.

That's what I thought, too.  But because people were not setting the
correct time before coming up multi-user, on a System V Rev 2 V 2.0,
I put the little rc (bcheckrc?) that sets the date as the last thing
before a single-user shell, as well as the first thing after.  Now I
get calls that the time is not set properly by this ... I haven't yet
investigated this properly, but it seems that the TZ is lacking here

	Joe Yao		jsdy at hadron.COM (not yet domainised)

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