Ballot 4 - results

Mark Horton seismo!cbpavo.MIS.OH.ATT.COM!mark
Thu Apr 30 20:01:41 UTC 1987

I was just rereading ANSI C X3J11 and noticed that strftime and mktime
are in there.  Since POSIX is a superset (by definition) of ANSI C,
POSIX will have strftime and mktime, it isn't an option.

Personally, I think strftime botches timezones - "hours" doesn't say
which time zone.

X3J11 says it's OK for gmtime to return NULL at run time if the
operating system doesn't keep track of time zones!  (Personally
I'm a little tired of the timezone nonsense in MS DOS; some programs
assume the clock/cal is GMT (those that use Microsoft C) and others
local, so I have to set the TZ to EST0EDT to get all programs to work.


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