mixed signed/unsigned systems; missing person; archives!?

Arthur David Olson ado
Thu Apr 30 23:53:07 UTC 1987

A while back I asked for ideas on how to set up time zone information files
that could be shared (NFSwise, RFSwise, or otherwise) by machines that used
signed time_t values (SVR2, BSD) and machines that used unsigned time_t values
(those under Robert Elz's oversight, for example).  Thanks to Chris Torek
for pointing out the easy fix:  limit the years that the file covers so that
the only values filed are those for which it doesn't matter whether you
interpret them to be signed or unsigned (values from 0 to 0x7fffffff on a VAX).
I've added a few lines to the time zone compiler to do this;
anyone interested in the lines should let me know.

Missing persons department:  Francisco Franco is still dead;
Dennis Mumaugh is still missing.  If you have a new address for either one,
let me know.

Astonishingly (to me, at least) I got a request for the mailing list
"archives" today.  So I bundled those letters that I had saved and sent them to
the person making the request; I trust that there's not too much missing.
And I've arranged for new items to be added to the archive automatically. 
All of which is a long way of saying that "time zone archives are available."
(And of saying that "whenever you join a mailing list being handled by a novice
mailing list handler, advise them to keep archives.")
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