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Thu Jan 29 02:26:55 UTC 1987

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Date: Thu, 15 Jan 87 16:16:56 pst
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Subject: Re: time zone mailing list
Newsgroups: mod.std.unix
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In article <6835 at ut-sally.UUCP> you write:
>Any interested mod.std.unix readers can mail me a request to be added.

Sigh.  I'm not sure I should do this after my last attempt at commentary
met with such disaster, but could you put me on the list?  Tks.

Oh, I'm Greg.Noel at SanDiego.NCR.COM or greg at ncr-sd, whichever your software
will accept.
-- Greg Noel, NCR Rancho Bernardo    Greg at ncr-sd.UUCP or Greg at nosc.ARPA

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