DST in Saskatchewan, Canada

Justin Bur seismo!harvard!spock.ee.mcgill!mannix.decnet!burj
Thu Mar 5 08:37:17 UTC 1987

The province of Saskatchewan, normally in the Central time zone,
has not used daylight savings time for the past several years.
I think there was some talk of using it for the first time this
year, but I don't remember.  I also don't know if DST has never
been used in Sask. or if it used to be used some time ago: my
source is the national radio schedules of the Canadian Broadcasting
Corporation, and my subscription started in 198?.  I will send more
precise information if I can find it, but it would probably be best
to find a local source of information.  I *think* sask.uucp is the
University of Saskatchewan; I don't have a uucp map handy.

Justin Bur -- Universite de Montreal
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