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seismo!nbires!vianet!devine seismo!nbires!vianet!devine
Tue Mar 10 00:52:03 UTC 1987

  This missive argues for a different purpose of this mailing list.
Currently it is used for presenting different proposals for how to
deal with timezones, and seasonal time changes for Posix.  Many times
what happens is that arguments are sent out into the list on a certain
point of view but no lasting effect is seen.

  I urge that this list be used to form a consensus on the issues and
solutions.  The mailing list members would then speak with one voice
to the 1003 committee instead of several voices that only give disharmony.

  All issues seem to have been raised (one or twice or...).  What would
remain for us to do is to agree on how to do things.  Too often messages
have been sent but permanent resolve was obtained.

  I am willing to be the sender of the ballots and counter of votes.
Note that the Posix group would have another shot at changing things and
that the 1003 balloters would have final say.

  Each ballot would be organized in a "single issue; multiple choice for
resolution" format.  Example:

   Proposition H.
     The structure tm should be changed so
     that the current timezone is added by:

     1. should add a 'char *' entry for the name
     2. should add a constant sized arrary for name
     3. should have an index into a standard file
     4. should have an interactive prompt for the TZ name (only kidding...)
     5. should not add the name

Bob Devine

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