List structure and standards making

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Fri Mar 13 09:54:50 UTC 1987

> Thus the current  discussions  on  the  whole  time  subject  are
> rapidly  becomming  academic


The discussions are certainly NOT becoming academic.  There are a lot
of people who just don't care what X3J11 says; who believe that X3J11
is irreparably broken, and intend to ignore it into the indefinite
future.  It may well be that ``the ANSI C is already spoken.''
For my money, the ANSI C is already buggered.

Now this is not to say everyone feels like this.  I am sure that
people from various manufacturers feel the standard is important.
But real (K&R) C is going to be around for a long time.  Don't
assume it will automagically become extinct with the release of X3J11.

John ``Down With ANSI C'' Mackin, Basser Department of Computer Science,
				  University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

john at basser.oz.AU (john%basser.oz at SEISMO.CSS.GOV)

Thought for the century: The worst crime a standards-maker can commit
			 is innovation.

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