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Tue Mar 17 17:36:49 UTC 1987

Darwyn Peachey  peachey at sask.UUCP writes: 
> If I am reading your "northamerica" (version 3.1) timezone file correctly,
> it appears to be inaccurate concerning the province of Saskatchewan in
> Canada.  You seem to assume that all of Canada observes the DST rules.
> In fact, Saskatchewan is always on standard time and has been for several
> years (up to 20, I'd guess).  To be more precise, we are always on daylight
> time, since we are geographically in the Mountain zone, but we use Central
> Standard Time year round!

  The information I have found on Saskatchewan Daylight Time is this:

          1962-1971  Variable (each locality may have done something different) 
		     but it seems to be last Sunday in April to last Sunday
		     in October (September in 1960-1)

      1972-present?  Observed in entire province except in the far-eastern
		     part (that part is on Central Standard time all year)
		     The western part is on the last Sunday in April to
		     last Sunday in October schedule

  I don't know where the machine 'skorpio' is but I infer that it is in
the Eastern part of Saskatchewan.  Does anyone have access to an official
publication of Canada that describes DST?  Does such a publication exist?

Bob Devine

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