Addition to Arthur Olsen/4.3bsd table-driven ctime

Keith Bostic seismo!!bostic%okeeffe
Tue Mar 31 18:37:09 UTC 1987

> I cannot be sure that my customers will install the necessary 
> timezone support files.  Therefore, any copy of ctime linked into
> my programs must work "correctly" when transported to a machine
> without /etc/zoneinfo in place.

Neither can you be sure that they will install /etc/passwd.  You don't
handle that, why handle this?  Not that I think that defaulting to GMT
is correct, I don't.  However, I can trivially fix it so that worst
case is off by an hour.  Which seems sufficient.

> I insist that both timezone and DST corrections be applied, even in
> the absence of /etc/zoneinfo, which means that ctime must carry
> some DST information along in its data segment, so it can perform
> at least as well as it used to.

This is unclear to me.

> The next question is, should any DST information hard-compiled
> into ctime be fixed to reflect recent changes?  The surprising
> answer is "no."

That means that your worst case is off by an hour.  (Ignoring double
DST.)  The same as 4.3's.  What am I missing?


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