Robert Elz seismo!munnari!kre
Tue May 5 02:14:34 UTC 1987

    Date:        Mon, 4 May 87 11:04:30 EDT
    From:        hplabs!hpfcla!hpfclj!hpfcdg!rgt
    Message-ID:  <8705041525.AA23780 at hpfcla>

    That is why we NEED the tm_tzadj member added to the tm structure.

I'm not sure I follow how this follows.  I agree that a tm_zone
(ie: what zone this time was converted from) is needed, but I
don't see the need for a separate time zone adjustment field.

That is, I can't see anything rational for it to be an adjustment from.
I don't believe the concept of a "standard zone" makes any sense, in
general there simply is no such thing.

The only number of consequence is the offset from gmt of this particular
struct tm.


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