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Mon May 11 02:46:46 UTC 1987

In a recent posting, Mark notes that this group has no real pull with
either standards body, and that they will decide what they decide.

Well, although I cannot speak for X3J11 (I am a voting member, but do
not have time to attend the meetings), I can say that IEEE P1003.1 is
always interested in any contributions that ANY group or individual
cares to make.  I have been recording most of the discussion about
what items you think should be where, and I am willing to submit these
to the Working Group for consideration at the June meeting in Seattle.
However, time is short! (no pun intended).  The June meeting is the
22nd, and that is the LAST meeting before full ballot will take place.
Although anyone may comment after the standard goes to ballot, 
balloting objections will get first consideration after we go full use
ballot.  Right now, all comments are being considered.

I know the reasons why the time stuff was dropped from the draft some
meetings ago (I believe it was in September), and personally think
that they were not good reasons.  I believe that the group would
really welcome a formal propsal with specific language for some time
functions.  I strongly recommend that some or all of the people on
this mailing list get together and draft such a proposal.
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