tz package

Landon Curt Noll mcf!umix!ames!!chongo
Mon May 30 02:17:00 UTC 1988

I started looking over your tz package.  Thinks look nice.  Have you had
any patches since the posting?  My Patchlevel.h file shows I am at

I suggest that you put a BIG warning around the use of 'leapseconds'
in time calculations.  For a number of reasons, POSIX (IEEE standard
Unix, soon to be ANSI and ISO standard unix) prohibits the standard
conversion to/from "Seconds since the Epoch" functions from taking
leapseconds into account.  This means that if anyone does use the
timezone deltas, their system will be out of conformance.  If leapseconds
are desired, then such systems need to use different time conversion
functions to do this.

chongo <> /\oo/\

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