tz package

Bradley White cvl!!cvl!bww
Tue May 31 16:13:48 UTC 1988

>                                        Networks of systems or multi-os
> systems or multi-cpu systems could have a different time_t value for
> the current time.

Just as an aside, UNIX time_t values are not an appropriate representation
of time in a distributed system.  An ASCII rendition of UT is much better.
As such, it doesn't really matter that some systems are accounting for leap
seconds or not(*), just like it doesn't matter if some are DEC System-20's
with a different base representation.  Each system only needs to convert to
and from its own representation.


(*) those that don't understand leap seconds may have some trouble with
    "87/12/31 23:59:60", although I wouldn't be surprised if they just
    ended up with "87/12/31 23:59:59"+1.

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