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Mon Feb 10 14:53:34 UTC 1992

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	Subject: DST in Denmark
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	Date: Thu, 6 Feb 92 11:07:36 MET

	Some years ago the EEC decided that it would make a single day
	to change the DST.  The DST is changed the last weekend in March
	and the last weekend in September, the night between Saturday
	and Sunday at 2.00 am (02.00).

	It was decided that it should be tested until (and with) 1992,
	and then a decision should about continue off the DST.

	But every one I have talked with didn't know that 1992 was the
	last year with DST, so I expect that it will continue that way.

	 Hilsen Niels Svennekjaer


	From: nrs at (Niels Svennekjaer)
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	Subject: Re: DST in Denmark (& EEC countries)
	To: ado at (Arthur David Olson)
	Date: Mon, 10 Feb 92 8:17:38 MET

	 I have just checked with the local EEC office about DST in the
	EEC countries in Europe.

	For the years 1990, 1991 & 1992 the DST starts the last weekend
	in March, and ends in the last weekend in Sep.

	The only exception is the countries United Kingdom & Ireland, where the
	government can extend the DST to the last weekend in Oct. (and I
	think they have done it).

	But...the EEC has not yet decided to continue with DST after
	1992.  There has been a lot of talk to terminate the use of DST,
	but no one knows yet.

	By the way, the EEC countries are:  Denmark; Germany; Holland
	(The Netherlands); Belgium; Luxemburg; United Kingdom; Ireland;
	France; Spain; Portugal; Italy; and Greece.

	You are welcome to use me as reference...

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