East-Saskatchewan -> Saskatchewan [forwarded with permission]

Arthur David Olson ado
Wed Oct 28 22:59:02 UTC 1992

> From: henry at zoo.toronto.edu
> Date: Wed, 28 Oct 92 11:58:53 EST
> Subject: Re: East-Saskatchewan -> Saskatchewan
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> >... Anyway, I agree with Darwyn that the situation since around the
> >Unix epoch is CST year round for the whole province, not just some flakes
> >in the eastern corner.
> Actually, I think the province *is* split, but it's not an eastern corner
> vs. everybody else.  I grew up in Saskatoon, which is roughly central (and
> one of the two major cities), and as a kid (1960s) I never knew DST *existed*.
> (DST still strikes me as strange and stupid, actually.)  Saskatoon, and at
> least the immediate vicinity, has been on CST year round for a long time.
> On the other hand, other areas of the province haven't been...  I first
> became aware of DST when visiting relatives in Fort Qu'Appelle, a small
> town south and east of Saskatoon.  That was mid-late 1960s.  I haven't been
> back there for a long time and don't know the current situation.
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