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> Everyone living on the remote Pacific atoll of Kwajelein in the
> Marshall Islands will have a good excuse for not remembering last
> Saturdy night.  There wasn't one.  Residents went to bed on Friday and
> woke up on Sunday.  There was no 21st of August.  The government just
> changed Kwajelein to Marshallese time, effectively jumping the island
> from one side of the International Date Line to the far side (where it
> actually is, the IDL being 300 miles to east of Kwaj).  The US Army has
> for the last 40 years been synchronizing the day of the week for its
> workers on Kwaj with the US mainland.
> But most workers didn't lose a day off.  The work week was shifted to
> Tuesday through Saturday, corresponding with Monday through Friday on
> the mainland.
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