Timezone rule change in Europe [forwarded from Dik Winter]

Glenn Wright - Sun WWFO Glenn.Wright at UK.Sun.COM
Fri Dec 3 12:31:46 UTC 1993

Has anyone got precise details of the dates? i.e last sunday in october, or 
last sunday after 23rd October (like uk)


    > The ministers of transport of the European Union (formerly European
    > Community) have decided that by 1997 change from summer time to
    > winter time will be made by the end of october instead of the end
    > of september.  This will bring the remainder of the EU in line with
    > the current rule in the United Kingdom and Ireland.  It is to be expected
    > that other European countries will follow.  [This according of my
    > paper of todaty, December 1.]
    > (The European Union consists of: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg,
    > France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Danmark, Spain,
    > Portugal and Greece.)

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