Iceland's timezone

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Thu Dec 9 19:33:17 UTC 1993

> # time the norsemen first settled Iceland.  The first day of winter is always
> # Saturday, but is not dependent on the Julian or Gregorian calendars.

I will try and find a general rule for this, but it may take awhile.

> # We go with the Almanak, except for two claims from Shanks:
> #	1.  In 1968 standard time wasn't switched to GMT until Oct 27;
> #		this affects only the time zone name and dst flag.

I wonder if this one is such a good idea. Here is the actual quote from the
almanak (paraphrased):

  In the year 1968 "summer time" was finally made standard time in Iceland
  by law number 6 from April 5th that year. The change was made on April 7th
  at 2:00 GMT and the clock was adjusted forwards by one hour. Clock time in
  Iceland has since then been on GMT the whole year round.

Of course, both Shanks and the Almanak have the same actual time offset for
summer 1968, but technically it is the Almanak that is correct. Shanks chooses
October 27th as the transition time because that is when the end of the summer
time would otherwise have been (by the previous general rule).

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