tzcode93.tar.Z and tzdata93.tar.Z

Arthur David Olson ado
Fri Jan 8 12:09:38 UTC 1993

A new version of the time zone stuff is available for anonymous ftp from (, in the ~ftp/pub directory:

	-r--r--r--  1 ado         91953 Jan  8 07:01 tzcode93.tar.Z
	-r--r--r--  1 ado         44313 Jan  8 07:01 tzdata93.tar.Z

At kre's suggestion, the package has been split in two--a code piece (which
also includes documentation) that's only of use to folks who want to recompile
things and a data piece useful to anyone who can run "zic".

The new version has a few changes to the data files, a few portability changes,
and an off-by-one fix (with thanks to Tom-Karzes at for providing a
description and a solution).


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