Is leap second support working in the latest time zone code?

Bradley White bww+ at
Fri Jul 9 15:07:48 UTC 1993

> With the latest time zone code I tried `zdump -v right/US/Pacific' and got the
> following output.  This looks wrong to me -- the times labeled `GMT' are
> actually International Atomic Time (TAI), not Coordinated Universal Time
> (UTC).  zdump uses gmtime to print the GMT part.  But even with leap second
> support, gmtime should yield UTC, not TAI, at least according to ANSI C
> X3.159-1989 section  Or am I missing something here?

It looks to me like you have the `posix' rules installed by default which
means you are comparing apples and oranges when you match `GMT' against

More succinctly put, `zdump -v right/US/Pacific' is not equivalent to [what
I will write as] `zdump -v TZSUBDIR=right US/Pacific', which is what it
seems you were expecting.  (There is, of course, no `TZSUBDIR'.)

Anyway, if you compare `right/GMT' against `right/US/Pacific' you do indeed
get the expected output ...

US/Pacific  Sun Apr  4 09:59:59 1993 GMT = Sun Apr  4 01:59:59 1993 PST isdst=0
US/Pacific  Sun Apr  4 10:00:00 1993 GMT = Sun Apr  4 03:00:00 1993 PDT isdst=1
US/Pacific  Wed Jun 30 23:59:60 1993 GMT = Wed Jun 30 16:59:60 1993 PDT isdst=1
US/Pacific  Thu Jul  1 00:00:00 1993 GMT = Wed Jun 30 17:00:00 1993 PDT isdst=1
US/Pacific  Sun Oct 31 08:59:59 1993 GMT = Sun Oct 31 01:59:59 1993 PDT isdst=1
US/Pacific  Sun Oct 31 09:00:00 1993 GMT = Sun Oct 31 01:00:00 1993 PST isdst=0


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