CORRECTION: April 18 in CM of OW3

Guy Harris guy at
Mon Mar 29 06:25:54 UTC 1993

>A week ago I asked:
>>Calendar Manager on Open window 3 has a bug. April 18 cannot be scheduled.
>>Try it on your machine and return to me if you find a way to overcome it.
>Thank you all for your answers in which you said that such a problem
>doe's not exist on your machine.  Well, the problem found in file:
>April 18, 1993 was one line in that file which indicates the day of
>summer time in Israel.
>Rule	Zion	1993	only	-	Apr	18	00:00	1:00	D
>This line was fixed to:
>Rule	Zion	1993	only	-	Apr	1	23:00	1:00	D
>and after running 'zic asia', the problem disappear.
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Are you saying that Summer Time begins on April 1, not April 18, this

If so, it'd cause problems with more than *just* the Calendar Manager,
as the compiled time-zone files are used throughout the system.

Are there any other errors in the rules for Israel in the "asia" file? 
We (the Timezone Cabal) would like to have the data in all the files be
as correct as possible, so please send us any corrections you have....

(Timezone Caballeros: Should I post a followup and/or a note to
"comp.sys.sun.admin" and possibly also "comp.unix.bsd" and
"comp.unix.sys5.r4", requesting that *all* fixes to the timezone files
be sent to "tz at"?)

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