Revised draft strftime.c

Arthur David Olson ado
Sun May 30 19:13:51 UTC 1993

An updated draft is available on as
~ftp/pub/draft-strftime.tar.Z, which includes strftime.c
and the header files it references.

The draft version incorporates the shift to use of sprintf
to generate output.  This makes the code simpler; it may irk
folks who get the standard input/output library dragged in
when they call strftime.

The handling of "%D" and "%x" have been separated so that they
can be changed independently.  Right now they're still treated
identically in the code; comments have been added giving other
possibilities for "%x" handling.  The worry is that some piece
of code out there is counting on the current "%x" behavior and
will break if it is changed.  (Yes, counting on "%x" behavior
is worng.)

As always, any comments are welcome.


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