Timezone info on BSDI Date & Time gateway

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Subject: Timezone info on BSDI Date & Time gateway

Hi Tony

I just had occasion to check the BSDI Date & Time gateway via www.

Congratulations, it looks good - a great idea.

You've got one minor thing wrong in your timezone info, though (through no
fault of yours).  The timezone for Tasmania, Australia shows currently as
GMT+10, but it's actually at GMT+11.

A recent bureaucratic decision means that Tasmania switches to daylight
saving (GMT+11) on the first Sunday in October (at 0200, GMT+10), and
switches back to Eastern Australian Standard Time (GMT+10) on the last
Sunday in March (at 0200, GMT+11).  You can't be expected to be aware of
this, I know, because it was only recently announced here in Tasmania.

Brian Marriott
(a non-animated Tasmanian Devil)

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