linking problems with tz-1994e `date' on Solaris 2.3

Guy Harris guy at
Mon Apr 4 01:04:18 UTC 1994

> 1.  The Solaris 2.3 strftime gets confused about the timezone when
> it's linked together with `date'.  I don't have the Solaris 2.3
> source, so I don't know the details, but my guess is that Solaris 2.3
> strftime assumes that tzset sets some global variables in the Solaris
> 2.3 library, but since we've substituted our own tzset this assumption
> no longer applies.  The symptoms are that `date' prints the correct
> time but with either "GMT" or "" substituted for the time zone name.

As I remember, in SV-derived systems, "tzset()" will set the "timezone",
"daylight", and "tzname" variables; in systems derived from more recent
SV's (SVR3.1 and later, I think), it also sets "altzone".

SunOS 5.3 is SVR4-derived, so any time zone code installed on it should
arrange to set "timezone", "altzone", "daylight", and "tzname" when
"tzset()" is called.  (It may, I think, reset them if there aren't
single values for them that make sense - e.g., if there are different
time zone abbreviations for standard time at different dates, or
different time zone abbreviations for summer time at different dates, I
think "localtime()" may change the setting of "tzname".  That, at least,
was the intent.)

It may be that "strftime()" is expecting "tzname" to be set; if it's not
being set, that may be the source of the problem.

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