tzcode94b.tar.gz and tzdata94b.tar.gz

Arthur David Olson ado
Mon Feb 7 17:42:34 UTC 1994

Updated time zone code and data is available by anonymous ftp from ( in the "pub" directory; the culprits are

	-rw-r--r--  1 ado         62145 Feb  7 10:04 tzcode94b.tar.gz
	-rw-r--r--  1 ado         63993 Feb  7 10:04 tzdata94b.tar.gz

The updates are the work by Paul Eggert (eggert at who notes:

> I found another book of time zone histories by E W Whitman; it's not as
> extensive as Shanks but has a few goodies of its own.  I used it to
> update the tables.  I also fixed some more as a result of
> correspondence with Adam David and Peter Ilieve, and move some stray
> links from `europe' to `backward'.  I corrected some scanning errors in
> usno1989.
> As far as the code goes, I fixed zic to allow years in the range
> INT_MIN to INT_MAX; this fixed a few boundary conditions around 1900.
> And I cleaned up the zic documentation a little bit.


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