Canadian bilingual time zone names

Arthur David Olson ado
Wed Nov 23 20:21:44 UTC 1994

> I think probably the best thing is to leave this to the multilingual
> handling stuff each system has.
> In message catalog systems, I think it is easy to use the current zone names
> as the key to language-specialized message catalogs of time zone names.

One thing the multilingual handling stuff might not handle well would be the
names of time zone files, which are what's used to establish the time zone
to be used.

A possibility here would be to take the tack used with the "backward" file
in the distribution:  set up a file (named, for example, "espanol") with lines
such as
	Link	America/Mexico_City	America/Ciudad_Mejico
and provide instructions on how system administrators can
	zic espanol
to generate language-specific stuff.


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