South Australia fools around withi its timezone again

Mark Prior mrp at
Tue Sep 20 00:02:02 UTC 1994

     Is that `2:00' or `3:00'?  According to the latest tz tables, since
     1945 every Australian jurisdiction has used 3:00 for the fall
     switchover if it used DST at all.  However, Shanks (1991) gives 2:00
     for all the switchovers.  When I incorporated Shanks's data, I went
     with the tz tables, but it'd be nice to check this.

I was just going along with what the newspaper said but we all know
how reliable they are! :-)

        I don't know if Mar 26 is the 4th Sunday, the last Sunday (next
        year its both of those) or something else.

     Judging from the past, it's probably the last Sunday; as far as I know
     no Australian jurisdiction has ever used a 4th-Sunday rule.  We'll
     find out in 1996, if they don't change the rules again before then.

If I get the chance I will wander up to the Law School library and
check the government bulletins although I expect even if they do have
some idea what they are doing more than a year ahead the bulletin will
only proclaim that daylight saving finishes on the 26th of March 1995.
Unfortunately these chances only ever seem to be made by proclamation
rather than amendments to the act.


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