Japan to use DST. Indiana changed? Changes for Israel, W-SU, etc.

Vic Abell abe at vic.cc.purdue.edu
Tue Apr 4 18:22:26 UTC 1995


In message <9504041812.AA25047 at spot.twinsun.com> you write:
>Also, while I was in Japan last month I read a newspaper article
>talking about daylight saving; it mentioned something about the
>Indiana legislature changing the time zone rules again in the last few
>weeks.  No details.  Anybody else heard anything about this rumor?

It looks like the legislative initiative to move more of Indiana
to daylight savings time has failed in this session, although the
state legislature hasn't adjourned yet, because they've been
indulging in some partisan political childishness.  (Some Indiana
locations do observe daylight savings time because of their proximity
to locations in other states where it's observed.)

Vic Abell

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