Arthur David Olson ado
Wed Feb 22 19:55:51 UTC 1995

After receiving the message...

> I ftped the tz*95 data from elsie.nci.nih.gov. However, all the little
> utilities #include the file 'private.h', which in turn #includes
> a file called 'unistd.h', which unfortunately is not available 
> on my system.

...I followed up asking for details and learned that...

> What I'm using is a win311/dos system. My c compiler is 
> microsoft's c/c++ ver. 7.

If anyone knows where F_OK and R_OK (manifest constants needed when calling
"access") can be found when using the above compiler, I'd appreciate hearing
from you by electronic mail.  Note that it isn't any of...

		#include "sys/types.h"  /* for time_t */
		#include "stdio.h"
		#include "ctype.h"
		#include "errno.h"
		#include "string.h"
		#include "limits.h"     /* for CHAR_BIT */
		#include "time.h"
		#include "stdlib.h"
		#include "unistd.h"     /* for F_OK and R_OK */


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