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halanek at ibm.net halanek at ibm.net
Tue Jul 4 18:42:52 UTC 1995


1) I discovered your ftp server, where you have an excellent list of timezones. I am 
making an astronomy program, which I want to sell (when it's complete), and I want to use 
some of your data. Because I can't find any copyright, I want to ask you, if you allow me 
to do this, and if yes, if I must write your name,address,... into the copyright of my
program ?

2) Do you know where I can get a list of as many cities as possible, with there name 
(german and or english), there geographical position and timezone (for the timezones, I 
would like to use your list (see above)).

3) Do you know where I can get an exact digital worldmap ? The map should not be saved as 
a picture, but the continets should be saved as points => I want to zoom to the map, and 
I want to show it as a globe, ...

Thanks a lot.


FROM Rainer WITH OS/2 3.00

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