question regarding setting latest zone names in tzname [forwarded with permission]

Arthur David Olson ado
Mon Nov 20 15:21:17 UTC 1995

Has anybody instrumented the time zone code to determine where the sinks are?
Is the area questioned below one of them?


> ...We have started to look at performance in this software.
> I have a question that I was hoping you could answer about one piece of code
> in particular in the routine settzname.  It is the code filling in the
> time zone name in tzname.  The code fragment is:
>         /*
>         ** And to get the latest zone names into tzname. . .
>         */
>         for (i = 0; i < sp->timecnt; ++i) {
>                 register const struct ttinfo * const    ttisp =
>                 &sp->ttis[sp->types[i]];
>                 tzname[ttisp->tt_isdst] =
>                         (char *) &sp->chars[ttisp->tt_abbrind];
>         }
> I am not sure why this code is looping so many times to fill in
> tzname.  tzname only has two fields, one for daylight savings time,
> one for standard savings time, but the fields get filled in
> over and over.  I would really appreciate any information you have
> explaining this.
>                         thanks in advance,
>                         Sandra Whitman
>                         DEC C RTL

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