Irish timezone error?

Colm Buckley cbuckley at
Mon Oct 23 16:50:18 UTC 1995

Hmm - I wonder have you seen this before?

In Ireland, we change from BST to GMT on the 4th Sunday in October - ie:
an appropriate TZ would be GMT0BST-1,M3.5.0/1,M10.4.0/1 (I'm not 100%
certain that the changeover time is 1:00am; it could be 2:00).  Anyway,
the standard "Eire", "GB-Eire" and "Europe/Dublin" all seem to use
M10.5.0 as the change-back date.  Is there a newer version of these
timezone files available, or a program which would generate them
properly?  (I'm using Linux 1.3)

Thanks in advance,


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