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Dik.Winter at cwi.nl Dik.Winter at cwi.nl
Wed Oct 25 22:44:41 UTC 1995

 > There are some inconsistencies in the file:

Indeed, but others than you are seeing.

 > Also, according to the Germany entry and to my vague memory, Germany
 > introduced DST in 1980 rather than 1981, which put pressure on all the
 > small ES countries to come to some kind of harmonisation.

The file correctly notes that Germany introduced it in 1980 and
Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein in 1981 (at least in
version 95i).  However there is a inconsistency in one of the
lines for Luxembourg.  It states:
	1:00	Belgium	MET%s	1979
while a similar line for Brussels states 1977.  Should be changed in
Luxembourg (the BeNeLux switched to "EC" rules in 1977).

Further with respect to France.  The file states that Shanks has no
data on summertime in France in 1975 but that there is a note that
states that summertime has been used.  I just checked the Dutch
railway timetable for summer 1975 and it says nothing about summer-
time in France, so I presume no summertime.  (In a later year, when it
was unsure whether Germany would already switch to summer time until a
very late stage the Dutch railway timetable came with double tables
when Germany was involved.  One for when summertime would be introduced
and one when it would not be introduced.)  The timetables are pretty
good to establish in what years summertime was used; not for the
exact starting and ending dates.

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