Question about reentrant ctime and asctime

J.T. Conklin jtc at
Tue Oct 31 01:58:13 UTC 1995

In my previous message, I mentioned that I'd submit versions of
asctime_r and ctime_r later this evening. 


I discovered that most systems declare these as:
	int asctime_r (const struct tm *, char *, int);
	int ctime_r (const time_t *, char *, int);

while Solaris provides:
	char *asctime_r (const struct tm *, char *, int);
	char *ctime_r (const time_t *, char *, int);
	char *asctime_r (const struct tm *, char *)
	char *ctime_r (const time_t *, char *);

Naturally I'd like to implement the interface standardized by whatever
POSIX standard covers this (realtime?, threads?).  If someone with the
appropriate standards document could point out the correct interface,
please let me know.


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