timezone for Mexico

Alan Perry Alan.Perry at Eng.Sun.COM
Fri Apr 5 22:18:43 UTC 1996

> From mallen at kin.cyborg.com.mx Fri Apr  5 13:50:34 1996
> I just checked and this year will have a "horario de verano" from 
> april first to october 27 (both sundays) in central Mexico and the change 
> will be made at two am in the next day.
> I don't know if this will remain unchanged in the next years as it is 
> stupid to change time in places with latitudes between the tropics as the 
> length of the day does not change much. It seems that people in FIDE know 
> little about Geography/Astronomy.

Since this came from a Presidential Decree, I would say that it is the
Mexican Administration that knows little about Geography/Astronomy. I am
unfamiliar with the parties involved, so I will reserve judgment.

I think the Mexico entry in northamerica should be changed to refer to the
Decree in the 4 Jan Mexico national newspaper (that I posted to this list,
but have since deleted) rather than the FIDE comment.


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