Krasnoyarsk timezone?

Andrey V. Glukhov andrey at
Mon Apr 22 23:52:58 UTC 1996

Dear sirs,

I work with the zoneinfo format, supported by Linux and FreeBSD for two
years, and I was sorrowed when I did not find Krasnoyarsk timezone in the
latest release FreeBSD, where are mach more timezones.

Are you support the zoneinfo package? Can you add the record below into
the timezone database?

# Krasnoyarsk
# Rule  NAME        FROM    TO      TYPE    IN      ON      AT      SAVE    LETTER/
Rule    Krasnoyarsk 1970    max     -       Mar     lastSun 2:00    1:00    D
Rule    Krasnoyarsk 1970    max     -       Sep     lastSun 2:00    0       K

Zone    Krasnoyarsk 7:00    Krasnoyarsk      KRS%s

I understand that Krasnoyarsk timezone is equal to registered Tomsk
timezone now. Do the registration of Tomsk timezone hinder to registrate
Krasnoyarsk timezone?

Sincerely yours

Andrey Glukhov

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