DST in Mexico

Alan Perry Alan.Perry at Eng.Sun.COM
Sat Feb 3 02:54:10 UTC 1996

This is what I got from our Mexico subsidiary.

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Date: Fri, 02 Feb 1996 19:38:38 -0600
From: Mario Camou - Sun Mexico

Hi Alan,

I finally got the info:

DST-in date: 1st Sunday in April @ midnight (0:00) (bump clock 1
             hour forward)
DST-out date: October 31st @ midnight (24:00) (bump clock 1 hour
TZ's affected: All of Mexico (Mexico/General, Mexico/BajaNorte and 

The DST-out date looks a bit fishy, I'd think it more logical to
put it @ the last sunday in October or something like that. However,
this is the info I was able to get, and since I'm travelling to Los
Angeles next week I thought it better to forward it to you now.

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