a small town in Kent to revive local time zone?

Paul Eggert eggert at twinsun.com
Tue Jun 18 00:04:27 UTC 1996

In <URL:news:4q3nc7$qu4 at airgun.wg.waii.com>
ltso at phoenix.london.waii.com (Marc Brett) writes:

   a small town in Kent is planning to revive its own local time zone
   -- 5 min 41 sec ahead of GMT!

I asked him for more, and he wrote by private mail:

   I heard it on today's noon BBC news broadcast.  It seems to be a
   millennium celebration project so that this town (on the east coast)
   can have bragging rights to starting the new year 2000 before
   Greenwich.  Should be in tomorrow's papers, and maybe in the
   electronic equivalent of same (Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Evening

He'll see if he can dig up more, and I thought I'd alert the tz list too.
(I wonder what the EU will have to say about this.  :-)

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