Why is CET called MET?

Peter Hullah Peter.Hullah at eurocontrol.fr
Thu Jun 20 07:49:38 UTC 1996

Dik.Winter at cwi.nl wrote:
> These discussions are a bit bogus in my opinion, there is already a
> de-facto standard to call it MET, so why change.

But my comment was that, before that, there was a de-facto standard 
to call it CET, so why was it changed.

> In the same spirit we could question the addition "DST".  
> The term "Daylight Saving Time" is (as far as I know) truly US.  
> Here it is called "Summer Time" in all languages that I know.

True. I'd much rather see CEST than CETDST which just strikes me
as over long-winded and, again, not something which anyone says.


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