What about Antarctica?

Antoine Leca antoine.leca at renault.fr
Fri Jun 28 06:59:30 UTC 1996

Chris Carrier wrote:
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> Any stations observe seasonal time changes?  (A thought; could some stations
> advance time in the austral WINTER, to keep the same time relationship as
> their north-hemisphere mother country?)

Paul Eggert wrote:
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> I'll write up proposed entries for the antarctica file.

A friend of mine has being for an hour and a half to Amsterdam Island (one of the 
French South Territories).  I have ask him what were the timezone used there.

For the timezone itself, he's not sure.
French atlas and the telephone diary report Crozet at UTC+

For DST, he is *sure* there isn't any DST in the islands (in 1986).

In 1986, the population were (none of them indigenous, as indicated ;-)

            "Hivernage"       Summer     Name of base     Position
Kerguelen       80             120     Port-aux-Français   49S 70E
Crozet          36              50                         47S 63E
Amsterdam       36              50       Martin-Viviès     37S 78E
Saint-Paul : inhabited (since 1927 if I remind well)       38S 78E

BTW, this islands are administred from Reunion Island and aren't very far in the 
southern hemisphere.  As no-one ever uses an entry for them, it appears more 
naturally to me to place them in the Indian/ tree if you decide to create an entry.
And remember that while this territory is named "Terres Australes et Antartiques
Françaises" by the French (which can be translated to French Southern and Antartic 
Lands, as you mention in the file), but is named "French Southern Territories" in 
English and I mean at an international level, since the claims over Antartica are 
generally not accepted.

Adelie Land (on Antartica continent 67S 140E): ? I have no information
I know only there is a at least base (one named Dumont-d'Urville and perhaps 
another named Paul-Emile-Victor).

Please tell me know if more information is requested.

Antoine LECA

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