Time Bomb Still Ticking For Year 2000

Monty Solomon monty at roscom.COM
Fri Mar 1 13:24:37 UTC 1996

Excerpt from Edupage, 15 February 1996

The Gartner Group predicts that half of all companies affected by the year
2000 date field problem will still be unprepared when the fateful day
arrives.  "A lot of companies are like deer frozen in the headlights of a
big truck coming right at them," says a Gartner analyst.  Some industry
experts estimate the cost of fixing the problem at $40 million per large
corporation, with the global price tag pegged at $400 billion to $600
billion.  Many corporations are wondering if their old systems are worth
all the trouble:  "Do we just fix the millennium bug, or should we take
this as an opportunity to put in some new systems?" asks one CIO. 

(Information Week 5 Feb 96 p30)

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