Blather 2000 Conference

Monty Solomon monty at roscom.COM
Fri Mar 15 14:21:53 UTC 1996

FYI.  Excerpt from mini-AIR Mar 96.

1996-03-14	Blather 2000 Conference

Enough hot air has already been released to make it obvious that 

Humankind must anticipate accelerating amounts of endless palaver 

about how New Year's Eve December 31st 1999 isn't REALLY the End 

of the 20th Century and how January 1st, 2000 isn't REALLY going 

to be the First Day of the 21st Century. AIR will sponsor a 

conference on "Blather 2000 -- Strategies to Avoid the Pedantry."

We will bring together the World's Leading Thinkers to debate and 

make one big announcement about what the deal is, put their 

statement into a widely-publicized Web Page, and then ask the 

second-rate usage pundits, congenital columnists, and other 

emitters of Sound 'n' Fury (TM) to just Shut Up About It.

If you have anything to say on the matter -- anything that hasn't 

already been said -- please direct it to the Blather 2000 

Conference chairman, Dr. Y. Foo <blather2k at>

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