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Sat Mar 16 05:18:30 UTC 1996

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In the debian linux timezone package, in the file  australasia, in the
source, there may be an error.  I hesitate to make such an assertion, but
I am certain, having lived there for the past decade, that
"Truk" (now properly known as Chuuk), at about 7°N 151°E, is in the
time zone GMT+10, and not +11 as indicated in the  australisia

You may also be interested that the capital of Chuuk ( a State of the
Federated States of Micronesia, since I think 1986) is Weno (properly,
Wené, but usually spelled Weno).

The approximate Latitude and Longitude are (probably for my island of
Toon, not for Wené, these ought to be checked):
	      7° 19.8' N
            151° 34.8' E
---------------------From the file australasia----------------
Zone Pacific/Yap	9:12:32	-	LMT	1901		# Colonia
			9:00	-	PLT	1969 Oct
			10:00	-	GST
Zone Pacific/Truk	10:07:08 -	LMT	1901           
			10:00	-	GST	1978 Oct
			11:00	-	NCST               <------------WRONG?
Zone Pacific/Ponape	10:32:52 -	LMT	1901		# Kolonia
			11:00	-	NCST
Zone Pacific/Kosrae	10:51:56 -	LMT	1901
			11:00	-	NCST	1969 Oct
			12:00	-	NZST

As of 1995, I was the only Linux user in Chuuk.  

I would be very much interested in learning of information that Chuuk
Lagoon is in the GMT+11 timezone.  I don't think it is, however.

Alan Davis
adavis at

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