Russia autumn 1996 DST patch

Андрей Чернов (Andrey A. Chernov) ache at
Wed Oct 2 16:38:54 UTC 1996

> Time zone names (abbreviations) are not unique, will never be
> unique, and hoping for such a thing, or doing anything at all
> assuming such a thing, is pointless, silly, and dangerous.

> The zone names should only ever be used as a warm & friendly for
> output to humans, so they have some idea whether it the time is

Ok, your point of view have enough reasons to exists, I not attempt
to agrue with you here. But even from your point of view preserving
old MSK/MSD is nice idea because of "warm & friendly for output
to [Russian] humans" at least.

Andrey A. Chernov
<ache at>

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