Russia autumn 1996 DST patch

Markus G. Kuhn kuhn at
Wed Oct 2 20:06:06 UTC 1996

In message <199610021023.OAA00834 at>, Andrey A. Chernov wrote:

> Why you not try to change GMT to something else?
> Assume that this idea becomes reality and you understand my
> complaints. MSK/MSD sounds here like GMT for you.

Actually, I *do* suggest to change all occurances of the string GMT in
tzdata to UTC, the correct modern term.  Reasonable exceptions are
only comment text references to historic time zones before 1972 (when
UTC replaced GMT as the reference time and GMT was redefined and
replaced by the term UT1) and where the term GMT is necessary for
backwards compatibility.

UTC is the official term even in the U.S. now (according to USNO folks
since 1986).  If you listen with your shortwave radio to WWV (2.5, 5,
10, or 15 MHz), the U.S. NIST time announcement broadcast says: "At
the tone ... twenty-three hours ... fifty-nine minutes ... coordinated
universal time ... beep".


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