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Thu Oct 3 09:56:45 UTC 1996

> (Andrey A. Chernov) >INTERNET:ache at wrote:
> >Russian time zones never abbreviated in civil live, so don't
> >even try to search for them.
> >MSK/MSD abbreviation was born in computers world initially.
> I would be interested to know, what labels are used in Russia for its time
> zones?  I know Moscow+0 is Moscow time, but what is the name in common use for
> Moscow+1, Moscow+2, all the way up to Moscow+10.

Russia (and ex-SU) not use any labels for time zones in civil live,
all labels comes from computers.
In civil live few sentences used to describe this thing, like:
1) "Raznica s Moskvoy n chasov" - difference from Moscow is n hours
2) "Mestnoe vremya" - local time
3) "Moskovskoe vremya" - Moscow time
4) "<n>skoe vremya" - city <n> time

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