glibc strftime and ISO 8601 time formats

Paul Eggert eggert at
Fri Oct 18 20:33:30 UTC 1996

   Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 21:58:22 -0400
   From: Jim Van Zandt <jrv at>

      Markus Kuhn <mskuhn at> comments:
      Unfortunately, the current version of the C programming language
      standard provides in the strftime() function no means to generate the
      ISO 8601 week notation....

   Does c-common.c and/or the strftime in version 2.0 of glibc address
   these points?

Recent betas of the glibc strftime have support for the following
formats, with the same meaning as the tz strftime.c:

	%G	ISO 8601 4-digit year
	%g	ISO 8601 2-digit year
	%V	ISO 8601 2-digit week
	%u	ISO 8601 1-digit weekday

The next public glibc release should have this.  The tz patch for
c-common.c (understandably) hasn't caught up with this yet.

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