Non-EU Europe, record set today

Chris Carrier 72157.3334 at CompuServe.COM
Mon Oct 28 04:58:39 UTC 1996

I would like to ask: given that the European Union has extended summer time
until October 27, and that Russia did the same, can we assume that all
European countries that are *not* in the EU and those former republics of the
ex-Soviet Union that observed DST also delayed their ending date this year
until the end of October?
Another thought.  Given that most of the USA, Mexico, the EU and Russia all
changed back on the same date, I believe that some sort of record was set
today: more people changed time today, 1996 October 27, than on any other date
in history.  (The combined population of the four nations/unions mentioned
above being in the range 800-900 million).
Editorial comment on the above: it should have been on the last Sunday in
September not October!
Chris Carrier

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