problem with tzcode96l

Todd C. Miller Todd.Miller at
Tue Oct 29 18:35:14 UTC 1996

Hi, we're trying to get OpenBSD to pass the NIST POSIX test suite
and it tries to do a mktime() with TZ=dst0std,J057,J059
with a time of Tue Feb 26 01:59:59 1991 (which should return
667533600).  mktime() from tzcode96l (and earlier versions) returns -1
with that TZ setting.

There seems to be a problem with the end of daylight savings time
specification.  If you comment out the getrule() on line 751 it at
least keeps mktime from returning -1 :-)  I really don't understand
the code in question.  Any clues would be greatly appreciated.

Todd C. Miller   Sysadmin--University of Colorado   Todd.Miller at

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