Non-EU Europe, record set today

Peter Ilieve peter at
Tue Oct 29 18:58:13 UTC 1996

> I would like to ask: given that the European Union has extended summer time
> until October 27, and that Russia did the same, can we assume that all
> European countries that are *not* in the EU and those former republics of the
> ex-Soviet Union that observed DST also delayed their ending date this year
> until the end of October?

No. Although it won't affect the overall numbers much, it appears that
Latvia at least didn't take part in this historic mass orgy of clock changing.

I was checking with a relative in Estonia about the IATA manual, which
gives a different time of change for Estonia to that which he had told me
before, and he said unprompted that he knew Latvia had changed on the
last Sunday in September.

On the IATA manual and its claim that Estonia changes at 23:00 UTC he said:

`I do not [know] exactly but there are some little different (confusing)
rules for International Air and Railway Transport Schedules conversion in 
Sunday connected with end of summer time in Estonia. Anyway Estonia will
change 03:00 local time.'

This may be a more general problem. Does this IATA manual specifically
say that it gives times of change for civil time, or does it describe
some special IATA rules?

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